Flat6labs – Amman Seed Program- Cycle 7


Fat6Labs establishes a new fund, Jordan Seed Fund (JSF) and a seed program to support the next generation of innovative startup companies in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon. Over the next 5 years, we’re looking to invest in 90+ tech-enabled startups with a focus on creativity and innovation. Once selected, startups will get access $115K in seed funding with the chance of receiving a follow-on funding ticket of up-to $170K, once they graduate from the program.


Once you are selected to join the Flat6Labs Seed Program, you receive cash-funding respective to the Seed Program you have joined, strategic mentorship, office-space, entrepreneurship-focused business training, subject matter one to one sessions and a multitude of perks and services from partners.

A couple of pointers you should keep in mind:

  • You must be fully dedicated to the duration of the 4-month program.
  • You must be based in the same city as the Flat6Labs Seed Program you are joining during the 4 month program period.


For more information, check this link.

Register End Date 21/07/2024

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